Monday, May 3, 2010


Yesterday we ventured into the city yet again, guess why? To look at suit stuff again.

We always end up at Hugo Boss concession in David Jones.

We always get served by the same young man.

It's embarrassing really, he knows what Zac is going to ask about now, before we even say anything.

So this time we decided to go to Myer instead. But yet again, we are drawn to Hugo Boss. Ridiculous.

So we're flicking through some suits, looking for sizes. Zac takes one to their little change room to try on a jacket and as he comes out, GUESS WHO WE SEE?

That's right. David Jones assistant was in MYER!!! Argh!

So embarrassing. So we high-tail it out of there to David Jones to make sure that we have a shopping experience without looking like Hugo Boss Desperados.

So I visit the Clinique counter at David Jones and then we make our way up to Men's Formalwear.

And we're walking toward Hugo Boss when all of a sudden WE SEE HIM AGAIN!!

We dodge behind Ben Sherman and make our way through Armani Collezione, past Ermenegildo Zegna, Ted Baker and around the corner to Studio Italia to try and see if he's still in Hugo Boss.

And he's gone.

Like a thief in the night. He appears and disappears like a ghost haunting us in our pursuit of white shirts and ties.

Our personal ninja shop assistant. So strange!!

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