Monday, May 17, 2010


Stopped by Jude's place on Thursday to pay for something and then she FORCED me to sit down and read through some magazines and find pictures that inspirrreeeeddd me.

I hadn't really given my hairstyle a thought. Usually I say, "Jude do whatever you want," "Jude I want a fringe, do whatever you want," "Jude, blonde, do whatever you want" and that's it!

Now I have to think about my hair. It sucks. What a pain.

Here are the pictures I photocopied, Jude showed me the Victorian/Leia/Queen of Clubs and although we won't go that extreme, I like the look.

texture and folded and tucked hair. love.

I love the way the fringe is pinned here. Now I need to find a brooch. I want an onyx one...

I have my hair trial the week of the wedding, I'll post pictures then :)

Fun times.

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