Thursday, May 20, 2010

This week.

So this week is going faster than expected - which is becoming a regular occurrence as we get closer to the wedding...

We have:

Paid our photographer in full. Goodbye money, it was nice knowing you. Hopefully you will come back and say hello when you have magically transformed into kick-ass photos!

Talked about weddings with our friends (single and married) it was great just to laugh and chat and know that the problems we're facing are universal.

Printed out table numbers. That's right, we're getting into the nitty-gritty now, this sort of task typifies how I feel about so many of the little wedding tasks. BORING, YET STRANGELY EXCITING.

Finished painting the glass vases for our flower arrangements. Finally.

Visited our printer again, I'm picking up our invitations tomorrow... Kind of nervous/excited to see the finished product!

Prayed I would win a competition that would give me 100m of wide, striped, grosgrain ribbon. I'm so cheap.

Zac bought some cufflinks and a belt. They are very classic and manly. Like this guy here:
hot hot hot

Checked the mailbox everyday for a revised quote from our florist which still hasn't arrived.

Drew out how I see tables and rooms set up. We're getting to a stage where we are seeing things work differently and then we confuse each other about what exactly we are doing with the place cards and cupcakes and other stuff? Drawing it out always helps me to clarify with myself and helps Zac understand what I'm talking about/seeing in my head.

Been listening to Johnny Cash to relax. This song cracks me up every time, I'm not usually a big country music fan, but I always make time for the man in black. What a legend!

We are both working so hard at the moment so that we don't come back to chaos when we get back to work after the honeymoon. At the moment I just want big sky, nothing to do, stars and waves and sand and shade and aeroplanes.

Hung out with friends at Youth and made a fool of ourselves being 'bad' in leather. Yep, we're THAT cool.....

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