Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two Months.


Two months to go, today.

It feel weird that I'll be married to Zac... that we'll be moving out of home, paying our own bills, cooking every night. Sometimes I get caught off guard, as if to say "is this really happening?" It's kind of like I never expected that I would get married - haha! Whenever we order furniture, or assemble it, I feel like we're still 'playing house' rather than getting ready for something real and huge and bigger than just us two.

I guess that sounds like I'm airy-fairy about the whole thing, I'm not. We're floating on air, but we're bunkering down too. We're getting emotionally prepared, we're working on our communication, how we fight, talking about all the little things that we can so we go into our marriage with as many clear expectations as we can. That kind of sounds sterile, but we are just learning more about each other every day. As painful as that can be, it's wonderful too. Couldn't have asked for a better future-husband than Zac.

So yes, in 2 months time we'll be at the altar (or a black table, whatever). I'll be wearing a dress, he'll be wearing a suit and our friends and families will be watching us say vows to each other. Amazing.

2 months.
8 weeks.
61 days.
Tomorrow we'll be able to say, 1 month, 30 days (if we wanted to). It feels strange and so close to say 1 month!

The thing I'm looking forward to the most? Not having to drive home at the end of the night. That 20 minute drive home kills me every time.

I can't wait to say goodnight instead of goodbye.


  1. The 2 months is going to zoom!

    So you guys will be having a traditional wedding night and living together for the first time after you are married?!
    Wow that isn't too common these days, but it is sort of cool. Marriage is going to be a huge lifestyle change for you both. How exciting!

  2. I know! Massive lifestyle change but we're looking forward to it! You're right, it isn't very common, but heaaaaps of oldies did it when they were young so I'm thinking we'll be alright :)

  3. I'm sure you'll be better than alright!
    My Grandparents wouldnt have lived together before there wedding day, it was unheard of back then.
    Not long to go now!