Wednesday, May 26, 2010


image via ffffound

Go here for 50 great alternatives to dinner&movie.

Don't forget to date the one you love :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Zac's suit arrived along with his parents and about 100 photos of Hugo Boss stores all over Europe - just to rub it in, I think?!

The suit fits. Thank God. Zac looks great in it and the fabric feels fiiiiiiiine.

If my dress budget was $25K more, this Vera would be lovely to try on... via.

Oh, and I got my dress pinned today so that it can be altered. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for anyone remotely thinking about buying a dress (wedding or otherwise). Just having it fit properly, hemmed and shifted slightly made me fall in love with my dress, I liked it before, but now I am really excited and I feel much more confident wearing it.


So this is google maps from the last couple of days.

We hit the central suburbs together on Sunday night, Monday night I hit the southern suburbs, this afternoon was north&east.

Driving clears my head and that's exactly what I needed this week - just getting away from work, singing, being amazed by Safety Bay at midnight, Waterman's Bay at midday, kangaroos in a field near Ellenbrook, Darlington pine trees, wondering if you'll make it home before you pee.

I have 2 invitations left to deliver. I need to re-do their envelopes, woooops.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


This is Zac.

photo by Cassie Smith

He's very attractive isn't he? Especially when he plays his guitar. I think our first conversation was about that guitar, I think I asked if I could touch it, or look at the birds or something and he just looked at me as if to say, "As if."

Haha :)

He is probably really embarrassed right now. Too bad!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This week.

So this week is going faster than expected - which is becoming a regular occurrence as we get closer to the wedding...

We have:

Paid our photographer in full. Goodbye money, it was nice knowing you. Hopefully you will come back and say hello when you have magically transformed into kick-ass photos!

Talked about weddings with our friends (single and married) it was great just to laugh and chat and know that the problems we're facing are universal.

Printed out table numbers. That's right, we're getting into the nitty-gritty now, this sort of task typifies how I feel about so many of the little wedding tasks. BORING, YET STRANGELY EXCITING.

Finished painting the glass vases for our flower arrangements. Finally.

Visited our printer again, I'm picking up our invitations tomorrow... Kind of nervous/excited to see the finished product!

Prayed I would win a competition that would give me 100m of wide, striped, grosgrain ribbon. I'm so cheap.

Zac bought some cufflinks and a belt. They are very classic and manly. Like this guy here:
hot hot hot

Checked the mailbox everyday for a revised quote from our florist which still hasn't arrived.

Drew out how I see tables and rooms set up. We're getting to a stage where we are seeing things work differently and then we confuse each other about what exactly we are doing with the place cards and cupcakes and other stuff? Drawing it out always helps me to clarify with myself and helps Zac understand what I'm talking about/seeing in my head.

Been listening to Johnny Cash to relax. This song cracks me up every time, I'm not usually a big country music fan, but I always make time for the man in black. What a legend!

We are both working so hard at the moment so that we don't come back to chaos when we get back to work after the honeymoon. At the moment I just want big sky, nothing to do, stars and waves and sand and shade and aeroplanes.

Hung out with friends at Youth and made a fool of ourselves being 'bad' in leather. Yep, we're THAT cool.....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kisses & Keats.

all images from Le Love

"You are always new,
the last of your kisses was ever the sweetest."
- John Keats, taken from a love letter to his sweetie...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My mum's mum is the sweetest, she wanted to take on a crafty wedding project so that she could be involved in our wedding. What a darling!

After some too-ing and fro-ing about what to make (uhh, can someone tell me what a 'dilly bag' is?!) we came up with a solution that was both classic, meaningful and not too difficult.

This is the result.

In the corners are my grandma's wedding date and their initials, my mum's wedding date and their initials and my wedding date and our initials. She embroidered one for herself, for me, for my other grandma (with her wedding date etc) and my mum. I'll give it to them before the day so they can bring it along.

They'll probably end up being more practical than pretty, we come from a long line of criers :)

Monday, May 17, 2010


Stopped by Jude's place on Thursday to pay for something and then she FORCED me to sit down and read through some magazines and find pictures that inspirrreeeeddd me.

I hadn't really given my hairstyle a thought. Usually I say, "Jude do whatever you want," "Jude I want a fringe, do whatever you want," "Jude, blonde, do whatever you want" and that's it!

Now I have to think about my hair. It sucks. What a pain.

Here are the pictures I photocopied, Jude showed me the Victorian/Leia/Queen of Clubs and although we won't go that extreme, I like the look.

texture and folded and tucked hair. love.

I love the way the fringe is pinned here. Now I need to find a brooch. I want an onyx one...

I have my hair trial the week of the wedding, I'll post pictures then :)

Fun times.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This week I'm loving this video from Austria, combining two of our favourite things, snorkeling/scuba and walking in fields...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two Months.


Two months to go, today.

It feel weird that I'll be married to Zac... that we'll be moving out of home, paying our own bills, cooking every night. Sometimes I get caught off guard, as if to say "is this really happening?" It's kind of like I never expected that I would get married - haha! Whenever we order furniture, or assemble it, I feel like we're still 'playing house' rather than getting ready for something real and huge and bigger than just us two.

I guess that sounds like I'm airy-fairy about the whole thing, I'm not. We're floating on air, but we're bunkering down too. We're getting emotionally prepared, we're working on our communication, how we fight, talking about all the little things that we can so we go into our marriage with as many clear expectations as we can. That kind of sounds sterile, but we are just learning more about each other every day. As painful as that can be, it's wonderful too. Couldn't have asked for a better future-husband than Zac.

So yes, in 2 months time we'll be at the altar (or a black table, whatever). I'll be wearing a dress, he'll be wearing a suit and our friends and families will be watching us say vows to each other. Amazing.

2 months.
8 weeks.
61 days.
Tomorrow we'll be able to say, 1 month, 30 days (if we wanted to). It feels strange and so close to say 1 month!

The thing I'm looking forward to the most? Not having to drive home at the end of the night. That 20 minute drive home kills me every time.

I can't wait to say goodnight instead of goodbye.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Been checking the long range weather for a couple of years now. It's silly really, you can't control it, so why worry about it?

Our venue is beautiful when it's raining, and everyone is undercover, so there really isn't a problem... I think I'm just curious.

I wish I could understand this rain forecast:
from Elders

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Week.

The past couple of weeks we've been busy little beavers.

Our cupcake boxes arrived, and saved us a pretty penny because Ebay is so much nicer to us than a brick-and-mortor store, about $50 nicer. Unfortunate but true. I almost had a picture but we ate the cupcake too quickly...

I had another meeting with the florist this week. I had emailed her the pictures that I showed her in our initial meeting, but she thought they were really different? Went in to clear up any confusion and hopefully bring the price down by simplifying the bridesmaid's bouquets. Found out all sorts of lovely information like when we can pick the flowers up etc.

We sent our paper off to the nice, scatterbrained man at the Print Shop. We are getting some films made up at the moment which he will turn into plates and then magically - voila! - Our invites will be done. Probably a week later than I initially hoped. I have been addressing envelopes all week. Sick of it. But I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I still have to line and stuff them....

I bought my girls a gift. It's on it's way. I hope they like it.... but I won't post a picture because they both check the blog. Haha, sorry Sarah - sorry Chantelle!

We had a meal tasting at The Old Brewery with Mum, Lisa and Phil. It was lovely and will make a good Winter lunch. I got full very quickly and promptly got grumpy because I needed to sleep it off. I'm glad I found this out before the wedding day. Poor Zac! I won't each as much on the day or else I will be like a sleepy winter bear! Sorry no pictures. Was too busy eating.

We also found out that they have changed the carpet and painted the big, huge, ugly red wall in our function room. I am thankful for small mercies. I had no idea how to decorate with that red wall clashing with all the neutral tones in the room. Yik!

Did I tell you we found some friends with nice cars to use on the day? I can't remember, but we have. They are even grey-coloured. How coordinated is that? I do feel a little bit bogan though. Riding in a Holden. Haha!

Photo via

We filled out our Notice of Intention to Marry form. Laughed when we had to tick Yes or No when it asked if we were related.* Mentioned to Paul Morrison about getting together to talk ceremony specifics. Trying to find a time to talk with him about it is like nailing jellyfish to a wall. Impossible! Haha... love that guy :)

Perhaps the biggest thing this week is that Lisa and Phillip bought Zac a suit in the UK, again. The UK is a much better friend than AUS. About $600 worth a better friend. Here is the suit on an model who has a seedy-looking-porno moustache:

Perhaps the best thing about Zac getting a suit is that we can know for certain that he will be wearing something at the wedding. No more jokes about wearing his 'birthday suit'.

*We ticked 'no'. Just clarifying.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Yesterday we ventured into the city yet again, guess why? To look at suit stuff again.

We always end up at Hugo Boss concession in David Jones.

We always get served by the same young man.

It's embarrassing really, he knows what Zac is going to ask about now, before we even say anything.

So this time we decided to go to Myer instead. But yet again, we are drawn to Hugo Boss. Ridiculous.

So we're flicking through some suits, looking for sizes. Zac takes one to their little change room to try on a jacket and as he comes out, GUESS WHO WE SEE?

That's right. David Jones assistant was in MYER!!! Argh!

So embarrassing. So we high-tail it out of there to David Jones to make sure that we have a shopping experience without looking like Hugo Boss Desperados.

So I visit the Clinique counter at David Jones and then we make our way up to Men's Formalwear.

And we're walking toward Hugo Boss when all of a sudden WE SEE HIM AGAIN!!

We dodge behind Ben Sherman and make our way through Armani Collezione, past Ermenegildo Zegna, Ted Baker and around the corner to Studio Italia to try and see if he's still in Hugo Boss.

And he's gone.

Like a thief in the night. He appears and disappears like a ghost haunting us in our pursuit of white shirts and ties.

Our personal ninja shop assistant. So strange!!