Sunday, January 31, 2010


Still need to see this dress in person, but HOW HOT does this look on Chantelle? I loved going dress shopping with the girls, but Chantelle saw this one all on her own...

Ombre dress, Morrison

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Change is a beautiful thing.

I'm glad I think that way, or this week would have been hell!

New ceremony venue.

New reception venue.

New feel and styling ideas.

New budget. Dear God.

But I picked up my dress and Zac tried on a suit (and a bow-tie just for me) so I think it balanced out in the end. I snuck a photo, which is why he isn't wearing shoes. Hee hee :)

Amazing how new clothes can make you feel!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The most bad-ass bridal party portrait photo. Ever.

Too bad we've already done the rustic thing or I would be seriously considering setting up something like this for the wedding. How funny are the GUNS!!?

Reminds me of this:images from Green Wedding Shoes and here

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Wow, what a busy couple of weeks!

So sorry that I haven't posted since the engagement party, but we've been so hectic!

It was so, so, so beautiful. None of the photos I have seen have done it complete justice.

The lights, the glass lantern-lit path.

The hessian table runners, the entry table, the flowers.

The bike out the front.

The food. Oh my gosh, the food!

Hearing Trevor sing 'Copperline' just for us.

Zac always calling me over to where he was so that we could drink it all in, together.

More photos later, I promise.

These below are taken by by friends and family. Sarah, Cassie, Pauline, Peter, Ryan.. thank you.

Beautiful Lisa, Zac's mum and lay-chef. Can you believe she pulled together an amazing meal for ONE HUNDRED people? Still amazed!

I'm really hoping someone got a shot of our entry table. Not that Ryan and Zoe aren't cute, but gosh I loved that door...

Trevor, had so many comments about how he was the best musician people had ever heard. I agree.

Glass lanterns hung along our pathway.. this was the night time view!

Future almost-"perhaps when we have finished getting a degree"-maybe-sister-in-law making our path look good!

The view as you arrived. Steph looks like a model. Seriously.

This retro chest of drawers was in a nook as you walked down the pathway.

View from our deck

They are probably solving the problems of the world. Or commenting on how good the cous cous is.

Speech time!

Zac and I.

Dessert table - yum!

My girls, Chantelle, Jess, Sarah and Samn :)

Dance mayhem.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This has done the rounds on the internet, but OH MY GOSH I love, love, love this and wish I could live for a couple days in the editorial. It's a bachelorette idea, inspired by Where The Wild Things Are.

I appreciate the break from penis necklaces, hot-pink sashes and lewd dares that involve strange boys.

Wide open spaces, big sky, handmade details, embracing childhood dreaming, going wild for a couple of days with the girls with a FEATHER HEADDRESS... sigh :)

Via here, here and here and a few other places.

That's my kind of 'wild' :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


This week we have been getting our yard ready for the party - such a huge job as we live on 3/4 acre with lots of natural bush (read: lots and lots of leaves to rake)

It's a great chance to also finish off those little jobs that take ages to get done..

This week we have:
  • given the fences 2 coats of paint
  • cleared the path to the tennis court, and raked all the leaves away
  • moved our mulch piles further away from the tennis court
  • got rid of some wood we were drying for firewood (we got to give it away - yay!)
  • organised our bonfire area - we won't be having a bonfire, but it looks pretty now!
  • gave our deck it's yearly coat of oil and paint
  • tightened our tennis court fence around the top
  • chopped down a rotten tree near the tennis court fence
  • pressure cleaned the tennis court surface
  • trained our climbing roses and vines.. gave them some more support
  • pressure cleaned our courtyard area which was dirty from our bathroom renovations
  • removed a built-in brick barbeque in the courtyard and re-paved where it had been
  • paved a new path to the tennis court
  • mulched all our garden beds with pea straw
  • got rid of old garden pots created a new garden bed in the courtyard
  • washed all the glass jars that will be on the tables
  • confirmed everybody's r.s.v.p.
  • tiled our toilet room and laundry sink back-splash
  • put down wood chips under our swing

yet to do:
  • grind off the bolts under our swing so that and pets/small children won't get scratched by them
  • rake down our bonfire area
  • put down some pea gravel on the sides of the new path
  • meet with our lighting guy
Almost done! Then we can get onto the fun things, like hanging lanterns and picking up all the PARTY GEAR!