Friday, April 30, 2010


The time has come.

Anyone who has been in the loop about the couches we want knows that it has been a titanic struggle of back-and-forward decisions... not about which couch to get, but what fabric we should get it in.

It's hard when you haven't lived in your own house before.. when you haven't developed your own sense of decor-style.. when you have 'warm neutral' on the wall, but you like soft grays, charcoals, bright white walls and rustic, weathered woods.

Yeah, try deciding on a couch colour with all that swirling around in your head! Zac would occasionally visit me in Freedom during my lunch break. We would flip through the fabric swatches and argue about what to get.

He didn't want a light-coloured couch. I was ok with white.

Leather or fabric? Fabric at the moment, although we prefer leather.

"What about Essence - Pepper?" he would say, "No, it is dark brown and has orange flecks in it. It's too tribal for me. Besides, the Malones and the Dineses have orange and brown decor." I would reply.

"Custom fabric from another range?" I would suggest, "No, it costs more and I don't like them anyway," he would reply.

So it went on like this for, oh, 8 months... by which time all my Freedom friends thought I was the most pedantic, silly girl when it came to couches.

But yesterday. Oh sweetest of days. We found a fabric.

Zac came in to drop me some lunch money (another story) and I whisked him off to the back of the store to show him some dining chairs that were covered in....

A dark charcoal fabric...


A neutral-coloured fleck peeking through...

"Yep, I like that" he said.
"Really! Yay! I like it too!" she said.

(2 hours later over sms)
Clare: So you're cool if I buy those couches?
Zac: Sure. Go for it!

(10 minutes later)
Clare: we have couches!!

Here are the couches, the range is called 'avenue':

Both of us can sit side by side on that armchair! It's big :) Below is the 2.5 seater, which 3 or 4 people could fit on... it's also big!

Here is the fabric we chose:

Biggest furniture saga ever = over.

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