Friday, April 9, 2010

Venues: Outdoors

On Fridays I am going to be posting about some venues in Western Australia. It is hard sifting through hundreds of different websites when you are looking for a wedding venue, so hopefully this will help someone out there! Let me know if you are hunting for something specific and I will try to help out.

This week we are looking at outdoor venues in Perth, we'll focus on gardens later on, so these are just venues for hire with a killer outdoor space.

Camelot Theatre
This is such a great art deco theatre in Mosman Park. It has a great outdoor cinema area that is lined by pencil pines and I always imagine a gatsby-style party here, with exposed light bulb string and champagne coupes flowing around. Maybe you could show some classic black and white films throughout your party... I think there are tonnes of options for this space.

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Quarry Amphitheatre
This Quarry is used for ballet and theatre performances and is in a central-ish location in City Beach. It has an inherent beauty and is such a unique and special venue! I can imagine the side rock lit up and a clear-span marquee at the bottom so you could admire the venue all night.

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Point Walter Recreation
So there aren't many pictures of this venue, but it has the most incredible outlook over the river and beyond to the city. It's perched on top of some limestone cliffs (near where I used to jump off into the river as a kid). You can just see through the buildings to make out the river... I think this would suit a more casual wedding where you had people stay overnight or for a whole weekend of fun.


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