Saturday, April 17, 2010

Venues: Town Halls

On Fridays I am going to be posting about some venues in Western Australia. It is hard sifting through hundreds of different websites when you are looking for a wedding venue, so hopefully this will help someone out there! Let me know if you are hunting for something specific and I will try to help out.

This week we are looking at town halls! These venues are often underrated and with a little bit of sprucing up they can look magical. I think town halls suit a couple who want a very personalised wedding - let's face it, town halls are a bit of a blank canvas! The key to getting a town hall ready for an event is lighting, lighting, lighting - whether it's soft candlelight or a huge rig to light up a dance floor it doesn't matter, but fluorescent lights never did anyone any good! The best part about town halls is that they are generally cheap to hire.

North Perth Town Hall
This is a quaint town hall in the trendy area of North Perth. I have fond memories of a friend's 30th party here where she had one loooooooooong banquet table covered in butchers paper and candles, with a saxophone busker on the stage with a single spotlight on him as he played. Baileys, donuts, cigars and dessert were served, it was the last stop of a walking-multi-venue-party and it was amazing. My friends throw the best parties!

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Leederville Town Hall
This town hall is another historic venue and much like North Perth, you can make it suit whatever style you want.

Cost: from $66/hour

Perth Town Hall
This venue is HUGE and has several areas fit for a party. I would love to see someone use one half of this space for a ceremony and then move into the second area for the reception.

Cost: 6am-6pm $130/hour, 6pm-12am $160/hour

Guildford Town Hall
Gorgeous Art Deco building in Guildford that can hold 200 people.

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Fremantle Town Hall
Victorian-era hall with beautiful main area, foyer staircase and gallery seating. How cool would it be to have a gospel choir singing in the gallery as guests arrive?

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Cost: 8am-5pm $80/hour, 5-2pm $140/hour, 8am-2am $1050

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