Tuesday, June 1, 2010


"It’s easy to view your wedding as one long to do list but it’s vitally important that you don’t make decisions (especially regarding visual elements) without considering other aspects to ensure there is a thread of continuity running throughout your celebration. For example, it’s easy to rush out and buy a dress before you’ve really thought about items such as your venue or entertainment. However, the style of your dress should be heavily influenced by your venue and how formal your celebration will be. This in turn will effect the type of entertainment you choose, the style of your flowers and even the type of menu you serve. As bizarre as it sounds, it’s really important to consider all of these items together because if you don’t your wedding will lose its sense of flow and can end up feeling as though it has lost it’s soul."

Not only is the grammar lacking, this is the sort of anonymous, un-nameable pressure that girls get from magazine writers and wedding planners who blog. I LOVE planning parties and events, flow and theming come easily to me, but (excuse me if I say it out loud) a wedding's "soul" is the love of the bride and groom and their families and loved ones. Rant over.

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  1. I Agree. you do have 'flow' naturally.... and I totally agree that the soul is what is between you two and is surrounded and supported by those who love you both sooooo much