Thursday, June 24, 2010


Last weekend the girls and I went out to look for accessories for their dresses. Honestly, I am realising more and more than it's not that I just don't like styling fashion - I'm clueless! I feel so sorry for my girls because I can't look at their outfits and know exactly what I want/what would look good/what would work. I'm terrible to go shopping with!

So, after about 3 hours traipsing around the city we came up with these ideas:

The Dress:

The Legs:

The Shoes:


We're leaning toward the latter

The Arms & Shoulders:
At first we really wanted a capelet/bolero/shrug but we just couldn't find one that would be appropriate to wear all day/that was nice/that was in AUSTRALIA. The girls are inside most of the day, so in the end we decided just to bring along a cardigan and they won't wear it during the ceremony....

The Waist:
We got our dresses from Aurelio Costarella's sale. We decided to style them with doubled-up belts a la Costarella SS08/09. We chose light grey and cream coloured belts to lighten up the look... They look awesome.

The Jewellery:
This necklace is from Anthropologie and adds a little bit of visual interest to the simple dress... and I think it's just pretty.

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