Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Oh the count down is well and truly on... Sometimes I still feel like I'm marrying Zac in 6 months time, or a years time, but definitely not 2-and-a-half weeks.

It's a funny thing, being a bride-to-be. On one hand people expect you to be SUPER-DOOPER EXCITED and all you talk about is weddings 24/7. I've known brides like that, there isn't anything wrong with it at all, but as a bystander you do wonder what happened to the rest of their life. Then the other thing is that if you do get super-dooper excited about your wedding, the details, creative things (that require precision) people are very quick to bring out the word "bridezilla" which is like a slap in the face if you're trying to stay normal while planning your wedding.

I am so excited to marry Zac, you have no idea. I'm just so aware that when I'm having a conversation with someone they may not want to hear about my wedding... they may just want to talk about books or religion or boys or friends rather than discuss the intricacies of whether my florist is grumpy or not.

I'm so conscious of showing my over-the-top excitement that I think people think I'm a bit too chilled out about the whole affair.

Except the people closest to me. They know I'm keeping it in. Sarah and Chantelle tried to get it out of me on Friday while having a coffee at Tiger Tiger.

"Sorry," I said, "If I let out my excitement now, I will make a fool of myself and everyone in this cafe will stop and stare at us."

So we're going down south this weekend, all us girls. And we're going to let out my excitement on a Winter Beach somewhere....

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  1. Seeing that you are always so kind to leave messages on my blog, it is time for me to reciprocate. I like to wish you and Zac all the very best on your wedding day. May your day be as beautiful as you have imagined it to be and I am very much looking forward to see all your photos. Cheers Cathrin D'Entremont :-)