Monday, June 21, 2010


On Thursday night we had a major glitch happen with our honeymoon. The last leg our flying if from Rarotonga to Aitutaki, flying Air Rarotonga. We had scheduled everything pretty well considering there are such limited options for connecting flights from NZ-Rarotonga-Aitutaki

They emailed us saying they had had to bump us from our Aitutaki flight to an earlier flight, the only problem?

Our Air NZ flight didn't touch down until after the new flight had left.

Well, we emailed them back, saying that yes, it was a pretty big inconvenience as we would now have to find accommodation on Rarotonga for the night, cancel a night on Aitutaki [  :'(  ]  and or leave 2 hours after our reception (not ideal!) and spend all of Sunday in airports. Ugh!

So we emailed that to Air Rarotonga, our hotel on Aitutaki giving them a heads up as to what might happen and we researched hotels on Rarotonga and found a couple of options.

The next day Air Rarotonga emailed us back, they hadn't realised that it would mess us around that much so they canceled the whole thing, got us back on our original flight, delayed it by half and hour (in case the Air NZ flight runs late) and generally backflipped.

Which is lovely of them, I don't think a major airline would ever do that. But I think Zac may have some gray hairs now, going through that little 12 hour experience!!

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