Sunday, March 7, 2010

This week.

Woops, haven't done one of these for a while! The last few weeks have seen us complete the following, looking back it seems like a lot!
  • Met with Chantelle to talk about our invitation suite, finalised our wording etc.
  • Picked a new colour scheme for our wedding day. Golly, I love planning parties!
  • Met with Sweet Floral, Applecross Studio Flowers and Lesmurdie Florist and Gifts regarding our flowers. Expensive, wishing I could be talented enough to do this myself.
  • Paid the deposit for The Old Brewery
  • Chose the music for our ceremony and reception - Zac is a legend! We are really happy with our ceremony songs. Jazzy and sweet. Maybe I'll post on them later...
  • Found a makeup artists - Jane Wong, recommended by my friend, colleague and fellow bride-to-be Bonnie
  • Bought Clare's shoes, yes I got them. This new season in shoe-land was really uninspiring. Too many buckles, studs, velvet and horror. As Sarah so aptly put it, "one side of the shoe says SWEET, the other side is WHORE WHORE WHORE". Yeah, not great for a wedding. Considering dyeing them to be a little less "bridal".
  • Picked up Clare's dress, Zac has not seen it yet. Miracle.
  • Went out a few times trying to find bridesmaid dresses - proving to be a difficult task! Morrison, Myer, Review, Aurelio Costarella, Alannah Hill, Forever New, nothing nice in our price range so far.
  • Bought a bed frame, mattress and linen with money we had saved and gifts from our engagement party
  • Acquired a 2 year old washer and dryer from a place down the road for $80. Bargain!
  • Got a free-standing wardrobe from Freedom that they were going to chuck out (because they didn't want to pay for delivery anywhere). Free. Bargain. We are going to put it in our entry as a linen cupboard/extra storage.
  • Booked in hair appointments right up until the wedding. I heart Identified Hair.
  • Wrote all of our thank you cards from the engagement party. We are still handing them out - bit of a nightmare!
  • Adjusted our guest list, task list and budget in response to our change of plans. Not so fun. Loving google docs though, so handy to have one copy, rather than always sending each other updates!
  • Paid off the flights for our honeymoon, now it's only 1 more night of accommodation to organise and everything for our honeymoon is done...
  • ...besides my passport, started filling out the application. I promise I have started, Zac!

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