Wednesday, March 17, 2010


There is a horrible tradition on my Mum's side of the family that I am really hoping doesn't carry through to our wedding day...


My Aunt Katherine, who was working in a lab with rats doing science was greeted on her wedding day with two chauffuers dressed as rats. They whipped off their costumes to reveal suits just before they walked into the church, but golly what a shock!

My Uncle Kevin HATES cats. He woke up the next morning to cats crawling all over his car, someone had tied some bait fish to the engine block.

My Aunt Michelle was blocked in her driveway by two Luigi's (i.e. "Sava da Money") with flannel hats, bonds singlets, work shorts and thongs telling her to "backa away from da car, donna scratch my car wid your car!"

I think she yelled out, "YOU BASTARDS!!!" and ran after them. The whole street came out to watch and laugh and clap. The Luigis had their suits in the trunk too...

The ultimate was my poor mother, who married last. They didn't do anything, but on purpose. My poor mum was fretting about it the whole day, wondering what they would do!

That is why I am being very tight lipped around my extended family when it comes to how the day is running and what is being planned. Hopefully the first exact information they know will come from the invitation! haha :)

It's hard being secretive around my Nana, but she is the worst! She loads the guns and then blames everyone else for firing....

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