Monday, March 15, 2010

Earring update.

I went into Oroton during my lunch break again on Saturday and bought the second pair of earrings that I posted about (the pearls). They look great, really happy with them.

The gentleman in the store was VERY excited that I was getting married. Here is how the conversation flowed:

me: Hey, I'm trying to decide between a couple of pairs of earrings, but I'm leaning toward--
him: NO! those ones are TOO GAUDY for a wedding, you want to be CLASSIC, CHIC, you don't really want to be looking back in 20 years and asking, "Why did I wear those earrings?"**
me: Uh, yes - that's why I was leaning toward these ones - do you think they are a good size?
him: Yes, absolutely, CLASSIC, CLASSY! What is your dress like?
me: It's an Aurelio Costarella--
him: OH MY GOD, COSTARELLA!! *dying noise* was it expensive?
me: Uh, no, cheaper than some monstrosities I tried on in the bridal stores...
him: Wow, oh that will be amazing. When are you getting married? Where at?
me: July, at The Old Brewery
him: Oh wow - Winter wedding! I think I've only been to 1 Winter wedding and that was when I was like 6 or something. OH MY GOD, THE OLD BREWERY IS SOOOOOO NICE.
me: Thanks
him: So what made you pick July?
me: Well, my fiance is still studying and there is a uni break then, plus we both really like Winter
him: What does he study?
me: He is doing a Jazz degree at WAAPA and an education degree at ECU.
him: ECU? Isn't that AGES away? Does he have to drive far? I study marketing and advertising.
me: The WAAPA campus is in Mt Lawley, so it isn't too bad.
him: Oh cool, JAZZ IS SO COOL. I'm a drummer, but I could never do Jazz, too fast.
me: Yeah, the drummers are insane!
him: So your fiance must be pretty young huh?
me: Yes, *slightly embarrassed* he is 21
him: OH MY GOD - how old are you?
me: *even more embarrassed* I'm 24 - slight cougar
him: NO WAY, that's not a big difference, but you guys are so yooooung!!
me: I know, "young love" and all that. It's pretty sweet. Zac says it's all about the person, rather than the age, though so I'm sticking with that!
him: Oh yes, definitely, and if the GUY is saying that then it's all good and it's all on!
me: Uh yeah, I guess so!
him: Ok, are you a member of the "O Club"?
me: No...
him: Oh you should be, definitely. OH MY GOD!!!! I'LL SIGN YOU UP UNDER YOUR MARRIED NAME!!!
me: Ok....
him: *squeak* how do you spell it?
me: g-a-g-e-l-e-r
him: There all done! Let me know how it all goes!!!!!!
me: thank you :)

I seriously, wasted so much of my lunch break in there. But it is nice when people are excited with you...

**hopefully this isn't what I will be thinking about in 20 years?!?


  1. I say who cares what you think of your earrings in 20 years? You'll be forty-something so of course your taste and fashions will have changed. Im sure even strapless A-line dresses and singapore orchids will eventually look outdated..
    So dont worry about it and just chose what makes you happy now!
    I can't understand everyones obsession with trying to be 'timeless'.. its the touches that reflect your personality and current style that will make your wedding photos fun to look back over.

  2. I forgot to say Costarella!!!!
    I seriously love his stuff.. all of it.
    Very jealous!!
    Is there a pic on your blog??

  3. no, not on the blog unfortunately... but if you want to hunt it online, my one is ivory, but Jessica Mauboy wore a bright orange one for a Marie Claire shoot last year.

    And I agree with looking back. I KNOW i'm going to think my dress/hair/colours/flowers were funny. Why not have fun and go all out?

    ps. WestAussie scrunch up your veil and have it as a ball of tulle on your head! Dare you!