Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Look.

We have been thinking about having our photographs taken prior to the ceremony, in the USA I believe they call it a "first look" which is a whole lot lovelier than saying "we don't have time between ceremony and reception to have photographs taken, as a result we eshewing tradition and are reversing the order to suit our timeline"

Though we may have started entertaining the idea because of scheduling purposes, it quickly grew on us for the following reasons:

1. We have confronted every tradition to do with weddings and questioned whether it still applied to us and what we would like. Some things we have kept, some, like Zac seeing me for the first time at the aisle, we aren't. I'm also not wearing a veil. If this worries you, read on.

Both of these traditions started from arranged marriages and the concern that if a groom saw the bride before the vows were said, he would possibly take offence to her appearance and back out of the nuptuals. Well, Zac knows what I look like, he still asked me to marry him and we're both so excited I don't think anyone will back out at the last minute no matter what I'm wearing.

2. Zac and I want to be totally 100% focused on the vows we are about to make. He doesn't want to be thinking "oh God, oh God, oh God, don't cry, don't cry" and I don't want to be thinking, "Does he like my dress? Oh God, don't cry, my makeup! Does he like my dress?"**

We know those emotions are part of a wedding and they are beautiful, but we are thinking that, for us, they can happen at any time of the day - so why not before everything gets crazy? A private moment (with Tasj, our photographer, hee hee) will be lovely to calm any nerves, get some tears out of the way and just have a quiet moment together before the ceremony and celebration kicks into gear.

Here are some sweet "first look" sessions from around the web:

How cute is the surprise element? And that rooftop setting.... vois comme c'est beau

**At least if he doesn't like my dress, he can have a few moments to suck it up and remember it is not about the freaking dress.

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