Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vendor Review: Jude & Gabbi (Identified Hair)

What can I say? Jude is a dear friend of about 10 years, and Gabbi is a crazy woman who made my morning!

But let's be honest. This is allll about the 'DO

Let's get even more honest. I had no idea what Jude was going to do with my hair. We had decided:

1. Up, not down
2. Nana's Brooch
3. Not too vintage
4. But a little bit vintage
5. Nice textures

I don't think I even paid attention when she showed it to me. I have complete faith in Jude. She is an amazing colourist and cutter, Gabbi is the best apprentice in WA (officially) and together they are such a good team. It was also a cinch decision to book Identified for my wedding because everyone you see on my side of the bridal party (including my Mother) gets their hair done at Identified.

It's like some sort of cult. It's too good to resist. You should really just go there to get a haircut, a colour, watch movies, drink boutique tea/wine (depending on the time of day) and eat a little chocolate or five. Jude and Gabbi are both good to have a conversation with and I don't know how many times I've gone in hating the world/myself and walked out ready to take everything on again.

And the wedding hair that I didn't think about beforehand?

I only really saw it later on when I was looking at photos on facebook.

And wasn't it amazing?

She even used a mini crimper! :O


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