Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vendor Review: Post Emporium

Post Emporium is the store in Perth where Aurelio Costarella's gowns and designs are sold.

It's an amazing little store in North Perth, full of curios, buzzing atmosphere and amazing fashion.

What really sold me on this place was Costarella's designs (obviously) and Ali and Vanessa.

Ali and Vanessa are the two ladies working in the store, I think I knew I would be buying a gown from there before I knew which one it was. Ali and Vanessa are That Good. The first time I visited I had tried on the Chrysalis gown in ivory and Ali had served me. The second time I visited, Ali wasn't there, but Vanessa soon 1. Called me by name and 2. Recited what I had tried on previously within a couple of minutes conversation.

Amazing service.

They also were patient with me while I tried on gown after gown, looked at a custom option and then finally found the dress I would end up wearing (Vanessa's suggestion).

If anyone in Perth could have snobby and awful assistants that you so often find in the Perth Bridal Scene (PBS), then surely Post would have that right. Instead you find the opposite, ladies who know their fashion, celebrate different shapes and styles and work with you to find something that will make you happy.

If you're sick of the PBS then pay a visit to Post, if only to regain your sanity so you can once again face the PBS with renewed confidence that eventually, yes, you will find something to wear to your wedding.

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