Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Favourite Memories.

Sneaking up behind Zac down at the reflection pool at UWA.

Walking back down the aisle with my brand-spankin'-new husband and hearing his wacky uncle say , "ZACCY, YOU. ARE. THE. MAN!!"

We still laugh about that.

Having photos on the Jetty with Tasj, the sun in our eyes, my feet severely hurting in heels, eccentric family gathered around us and Tasj stopping everyone and saying, "OH MY GOSH, just a second, you know why I love this photo? There is a bird over there *points* on that pier."

We love creative people.

Our Dads' speeches had everyone in tears (of laughter) and Zac's speech had the ladies in tears (of jealously at him being so sweet and wonderful).

My husband is so, so thoughtful.

When we got back my Nana said that, "It was the wedding of her life", much to the chagrin of her husband of 60 years and my mother (her daughter).

It was a beautiful day.

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