Monday, August 23, 2010

Vendor Review: NK Photography

What isn't there to love about NK Photography?

Tasj has a great portfolio. I remember leaving our initial meeting and after searching through dozens of photographers, having a couple of meetings and seeing other photographer's work Zac very eloquently said, "her photos crap all over the others!"

Uhhh, yep. I married that charming man.

Anyway, back to Tasj.

She is charming and lovely and kind and extremely professional. Her work is amazing and there is obvious talent and training behind it but you can't help but feel like Tasj is still in love with love and I think that is what makes her so good to be around on your wedding day. She is celebrating with you.

She was never pushy, she never got frustrated, as patient as a saint when my family were having photos with us and EVERY. SINGLE. MALE. wanted to keep their sunglasses on.

We also loved having Teneil around (Tasj's assistant) I think they have a weird ESP thing going on because they work so well together and make a seamless team.

So if you're on the fence about booking a photographer, don't think about it anymore. It's worth paying a talented professional to have wonderfully beautiful amazing photos and Tasj, my darlings, delivers just that.

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