Saturday, January 2, 2010


This week we have been getting our yard ready for the party - such a huge job as we live on 3/4 acre with lots of natural bush (read: lots and lots of leaves to rake)

It's a great chance to also finish off those little jobs that take ages to get done..

This week we have:
  • given the fences 2 coats of paint
  • cleared the path to the tennis court, and raked all the leaves away
  • moved our mulch piles further away from the tennis court
  • got rid of some wood we were drying for firewood (we got to give it away - yay!)
  • organised our bonfire area - we won't be having a bonfire, but it looks pretty now!
  • gave our deck it's yearly coat of oil and paint
  • tightened our tennis court fence around the top
  • chopped down a rotten tree near the tennis court fence
  • pressure cleaned the tennis court surface
  • trained our climbing roses and vines.. gave them some more support
  • pressure cleaned our courtyard area which was dirty from our bathroom renovations
  • removed a built-in brick barbeque in the courtyard and re-paved where it had been
  • paved a new path to the tennis court
  • mulched all our garden beds with pea straw
  • got rid of old garden pots created a new garden bed in the courtyard
  • washed all the glass jars that will be on the tables
  • confirmed everybody's r.s.v.p.
  • tiled our toilet room and laundry sink back-splash
  • put down wood chips under our swing

yet to do:
  • grind off the bolts under our swing so that and pets/small children won't get scratched by them
  • rake down our bonfire area
  • put down some pea gravel on the sides of the new path
  • meet with our lighting guy
Almost done! Then we can get onto the fun things, like hanging lanterns and picking up all the PARTY GEAR!

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