Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I loved putting together our invitations! Here is how it happened...

First, Chantelle Malone designed them. I absolutely loved the design, she nailed it!

We then bought some envelopes from good old Officeworks, printed out stripes that Chantelle knocked together for us and bought a calligraphy set and white ink from Art Attack. I cut up the stripes to fit as envelope liners, glued them and watched a few youtube videos to figure out how to use the calligraphy pen. Gosh the internet is so handy!

You simply can't put together invitations without some pink roses... thanks Zac!

the envelopes stacked up

stripy liners cut and ready to go

handwriting (and spelling mistakes, argh!)

take a break to smell the roses.. thanks Zac!

watching ink dry (not as boring as it sounds!)

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  1. Hi Clare and Zachary,
    I love your blog!
    What an awesome time you are having... remind me to show you my keepsake book and half started wedding planner book from 24 years ago.... Yes that's right 24 years ago... it's not even retro it's just 80's!!!!! oh well.
    Bindy xxxxx