Thursday, December 17, 2009


It's been one of those weeks.

As a result of a lethal dose of fudge from the Candy Cow, lollies, sugary drinks and Texas Hold 'Em, Zac vomited 3 times on Monday night. Said he felt so much better afterwards. Unbelievable.

I reminded him that I hadn't vomited in over 14 years (if not longer) and it was so gross that he could pretty much vomit on command just to make himself feel better after too many sweets. Surely this is not good for you? Vomiting is a very distressing experience.

Well, yesterday the drought was broken for me after taking some medication for tonsillitis. I was sitting on the edge of my bed. It went on my foot and all over my hands before Dad came running in with a bucket. There wasn't any carrots and I hadn't eaten anything much so it was just pink and red - the colour of my tablets.

Trust me to have colour-coordinated spew.

Zac's response? (actual sms) "Darling! Oh my gosh! You vomited! Yay! But that sucks. Do you need me to come and help you?"

hahaaaa. Gee, thanks Zac.

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