Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Venue.

We have changed our venues. Having a cocktail reception at Zac's family home was going to be too much stress, so we reviewed our decision making paradigms.

The original logic being: we wanted
  • A beautiful space
  • That didn't charge for food
  • And was sheltered in case of rain.
Good luck with that in Perth. Unless you want a dingy town hall, but we chose a church instead.

New logic:
  • We can go somewhere that charges for food
  • Because we now require it.

So for a week there we were in limbo. We canceled the church and the caterers. Officially getting married no-where, scary.

But we ended up finding a great venue that fits exactly what we wanted...

Let me introduce you to The Old Brewery.

A bit of a regular on the Perth Wedding Scene, but for good reason. It is a beautiful, old building that is in good repair (rare in Perth), separate function area, it has in-house caterers (award winning!) and a view to knock your socks off.

We decided that we are going to have both the ceremony and our reception at The Old Brewery, dividing up the space in the function area. The ceremony will be in the glass-walled foyer area, the reception further back into the room. We will be going straight from the ceremony into lunch.

The only down side is that because of this new transition between ceremony and reception is that we had to cut our guest list. It was the lesser of two evils - invite more people to the ceremony and be rude by asking them to leave when a whole bunch of people would obviously stay around for lunch or be rude by inviting less people than we did to our engagement party.

The latter option won out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Old Brewery:

all photos from The Old Brewery

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