Monday, February 1, 2010


This week I'm going to post some how-to photos from the lead up to our engagement party.
Today's post is about how we made our BUNTING.

I really wanted to make sure people didn't wander off into the bushes, never to return as they walked from the street to our tennis court. Hanging bunting along the path made sure no one disappeared into the Wild Unknown that is our front yard. Plus I think it is so whimsical, festive and sweet!

I used a guide from Joyful Abode to start out. I made a paper template and cut triangles out of the fabric. Mum had some old yellow and white fabric left over from curtains she had made for her bedroom in our old house. I loved the floral and stripe combination - it is pretty and preppy!

I was too lazy to hem them all and I didn't want to make them double-sided (like in the Joyful Abode tutorial), so I cut them with pinking shears to stop the fraying.

**Note. I only decided this AFTER I had already cut 200+ triangles, so I had to re-cut them. Not recommended!

I then ironed the yellow gingham bias tape in half and we began the long process of measuring and pinning 200 triangles onto 75 metres of bias tape. As I ironed I was able to look at photos from the weddings of the ladies in my family - it's fun to think that our photos will soon be on the 'wedding wall' too!
I pinned while Mum sewed. She rocked that sewing machine. We had to unpick several times as the bias tape was quite small in width and sometimes the triangle would slip out as we sewed. If I ever make bunting again, I would get thicker bias tape.

Here is the bunting..looking so sweet wrapped around our trees and obviously saving Steph and Cassie from disaster!All photos by me (except the last one, which was from Cassie - thanks Cassie!)

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