Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I swear, I am so dumb sometimes. Today we were at the fabric shop to buy a bolt of white fabric for the e-party table clothes. You usually get a discount when you buy a whole bolt so I was asking the awesome Persian (?) man what the best price was that he could give us..

Me: So, if I buy this bolt, how much is it?
He: I can do it for you. Five ninety-nine.
Me (thinking): 600 bucks! I only budgeted 250 for this. Why the hell is this so expensive?
Me: Uh, ok.. what about this one here?
He: I can do that one for you. Four ninety-nine.
Me (thinking): Wow, this is really expensive.. I'm going to have to readjust the budget on the sly so Zac doesn't notice.
Me: Ok, so what about a plain cotton, not table cloth material?
He: That one is seven ninety-nine.
Me: Ok.. so this one is 599 for the bolt? And this one is 499 and this one is 799?
He: Yes, but if you buy two bolts I'll lower it some more.
Me (thinking): Don't try to up-sell me, man. I up-sell people allllll day long.
Me: So HOW much is this a metre and what is the cost of a bolt?
He: This one? I can do for you. Five ninety-nine.
Clare: ****!?!?!???--------------------****** (brain shuts down)

This conversation kept going on like this for 10 minutes. After talking with Zac about how much we needed, and the pros and cons of the different textures we went to the counter.

He: That's Two Thirty.
Me: Oh, ok! (thinking) WTF!@?!?????how?!?!?!?!?!??what the heck is going on?!?!?!

We get in the car with our 70 metres of fabric wrapped neatly around their cardboard tubes.

Me: Seriously I'm so confused. I thought he was saying that a bolt of fabric was $699!!
Zac: Nah, he was talking in metre-age. $5.99/metre
Me: But I was asking him about how much a bolt was and he kept saying he could give it to us for Five Ninety Nine!
Zac: Yeah, that's the discounted rate per metre.. Seriously, (laughing) why are you so confused?
Clare: What the hell is going on?!?! SOOoooooo confused! He kept saying 599! I don't understand how I could have asked it more clearly??! He kept saying 599!

2 hours later after dinner.

Me: I'm still confused about the fabric.
Zac: Oh my gosh. I need some floor time.

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