Monday, July 5, 2010


My brain is addled, the last week has been shocking! Sorry for being a bad blogger and not posting... To my one reader, I'm truely sorry! haha!

Did I tell you about the Anthropologie saga? About how my friend in CA is shipping me some presents for my bridesmaids? Well, I ordered them 10/06/10 and they got sent out 2 days later to Ali.

6 days later I check the postal tracking and I realised something horrible. I sent had sent them to the wrong address. It wasn't completely wrong, just 1 word was wrong - I had written "Sea Mist" instead of "Ocean Mist".

As Ali emailed me, "Same body of water, different word, sweetie."


So I emailed and emailed and emailed Anthropologie and they finally got back a week later, letting me know that they had received the package back and would I like to correct the address? At the same time Ali emailed me, "We're going away in 3 days (the 1st of July) for 10 days.. any word on the package?" So I emailed Anthropologie back, Yes Please, OCEAN Mist and Make it Overnight Express.

Well, they didn't send the package for 2 days. Wonderful! *sarcasm*

Ali and I emailed back and forth. Thank God she has a cat and it needed to be fed while she was away, because she organised a friend to take care of it. She sent the package and while it's cutting it fine, they're meant to be arriving this Wednesday. One month later.

Sigh... my brain has turned to mush!

It seems I'm not the only one, Zac spent last weekend down south with his mates. He went down with a developing cold and the next evening when I spoke to him briefly, he mentioned swimming, the ocean, boating, lack of jumper (it fell in the ocean) and, wait for it....

Sea Biscuiting.

He still has a cold, it has developed into a fully-fledged man-cold.

We also took a trip to the Physiotherapist this morning to get some work done on his shoulder because one of his friends decided it would be great to drag Zac behind the boat at 30 knots. Of course, Zac flew off and landed on the rock hard Indian Ocean, shoulder first.

So he's strapped up, with 2 more sessions to go before Saturday and warned not to lift anything.

Too bad we're moving house on Wednesday and Thursday.

This week is so messed up.

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