Sunday, October 4, 2009


Oh Joy!
I (Clare) just LOVE letterpress stationery. Whenever I send out a birthday card, or any card for a special occasion, I prefer to use letterpressed stationery.

Zac is convinced that I like letterpress because it is time consuming, expensive and old-fashioned. I won't deny any of this but truthfully, there is just something about designs being printed on soft cotton paper using techniques that are centuries old. Each piece of paper is printed one-at-a-time, by hand, on clunky big machines that go 'whiiirrr' when they move... One colour at a time, leaving an impression where the printing plate hits the paper, just to let you know that this is something special you're holding.

It's like the slow food movement, but for design and printing!

I always save the stationery I receive from weddings, so it's an area I would like to be special for our own wedding. I researched online (along with Lisa - thank you!) and finally found a great company who is able to print all of our stationery at about 1/3 of the price of every other place I have seen.

Here are some of their work for previous wedding clients:

See how you can layer colours to make text pop?

This is a three colour print. Mucho expensive because it has to be printed 3 times.

Letterpress can be traditional or modern, beautiful or funky.

If you are clever, you can layer colours to make more colours. 3 for the price of 2!
All photos from

I received samples in the mail a few weeks ago and actually received a piece from the 'mixtape' invitation set and the 'English/Spanish' invitations. Yes, I can confirm that they are more beautiful in real life. Sometimes I open the little envelope they came in so that I can feel the soft paper again. Shh, don't tell anyone about my guilty secret!

I'm excited.

Maybe a little bit too excited.. Hmmm...

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